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Digital Thought Leadership

The financial world has gone through a series of transformations that started with core banking technologies and continued with internet banking, electronic payments, etc. Then new competition has emerged from outside that leveraged disruptive technologies like mobile wallets, P2P transfers, Bitcoin, etc. These competitors multiplied their impact by working hand-in-hand with e-commerce, e-taxi, e-food, etc. These upstarts threatened the retail banking financial system and the established players responded by adopting the digital ecosystem – a combination of elements such as omnichannel, analytics, social, mobile, eKYC, rapid innovation, and many more.

Digital is the main construct of this emerging paradigm. However, digital is a complex mixture  of  numerous  technologies,  innovative  devices,  social  ecosystems,  cloud technologies,  security  measures  and  of  course,  myriad  customer  expectations. To truly succeed with the digital strategy in this complex environment, banks and financial  organizations  have  to  get  the  fundamental  constructs  right….or  else  the result will be a chaotic mis-shapen biz-tech architecture that doesn’t achieve any strategic results. Alternatively, the results could be miniscule and piecemeal with a much lesser impact.

Recognizing this challenge, Banking Frontiers is organizing an unconference as a part of Mastek’s TekLeadership Series to help bring  into  focus  the  collective   intelligence  of  the  banking  and  financial  fraternity  to  unravel  the Constructs  of  Digital  Thought  Leadership.  We  look  forward  to  your  valuable contribution and take-away at this unconference.

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