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On the lookout for Senior Professionals?

Presenting …. Banking Frontiers-Smart Moves.

Smart Moves is an initiative to help the financial service sector to acquire, retain and empower the talent within the organisation. While, there has been numerous training institutions to source for acquiring freshly trained junior level resources, mid and senior level professionals have always been scarce in the industry & if the requirement is at the senior management level, it adds further to the complexities.

While, newer players are joining into the race for banking, insurance & NBFC licenses the situation gets much more tougher. Smart moves is an initiative to harness the senior management level professionals in the industry & help the organisations to learn from how leaders in the industry create the best practices which assures them a long term play.

Smart Moves is an exclusive forum for the BFSI sector to spot the right people, harness them and take them to the next level. It would comprise of Articles from CEOs and HR Heads on HR challenges for the sector interviews with industry leaders and NextGen leaders, details of key positions available in the industry, Recruitment advertisements for institutions in the sector and People movements.

Advantage Smart Moves :

Smart Moves offers the following edge for the BFSI organisations?

  • -Opportunity to present themselves as the best organisational environment to associate with.
  • -Opportunity to present their achievements to the industry.
  • -Platform to attract the best talent in the industry specially from the senior management and upper middle management perspective.
  • -Exclusive target audiences with zero spillage factor.
  • -Online & print exposure.

We perceive that SMART MOVES can be effectively used as a medium for not only advertising for candidates, but for brand building as a great place to work with.. Banking Frontiers reaches over 20,000 bankers in India and internationally and an investment made towards one annual advertising contract would be lesser than the cost of a single advertisement in national dailies or business publications where the spillage factor is quite high. Similarly, the cost of a single ad would be 1/10th of the cost of a normal mass media advertisement.

We have some inaugural advertising offers for select few advertisers. For further details please get in touch with

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