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Zeta unveils slew of digital solutions

Zeta co-founder and CEO Bhavin TurakhiaDigital payments company Zeta has unveiled three new digital solutions in the employee tax benefits and rewards space. These new solutions-  Zera Medical Reimbursements, Zeta Meal Vouchers and Zeta Gift Card- available on mobile and card platforms will simplify how companies manage medical claims & reimbursements, how employees receive tax-free gifts from their companies, and how companies manage their incentives & rewards programme for employees, the company said. Zeta provides an end-to-end solution for companies to manage their employee tax benefits and rewards programmes electronically. Using a single web-based interface, an HR manager is connected to every employee’s mobile phone. And at a click of a button, HR managers can send grants of meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, gifts etc to all their employees, across cities, instantly. These grants will be transferred to the employee’s cloud-based Zeta account in the form of multiple virtual cards – each card representing a specific tax benefit and can be used only to avail that specific benefit. According to the company, by using a Zeta app, an HR manager can save up to 90% of his operation time. The Zeta app is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Zeta co-founder and CEO Bhavin Turakhia said the employee benefits and rewards as a space has remained same for decades. Companies are forced to use age-old practices for the lack of a wholesome and better solution. This space was waiting for a disruption and Zeta is ushering in this revolution by being the first such solution in this space in India, he said.

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