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What ‘s in Your Pocket: Monster Mobile App

We are on the move, on the go, on the run. Our mobile phones are our best companions. We are thriving with instant access to everything, from ideas to dates, from knowledge to passion. So why not instant job search? With this in mind, Monster is bringing job seekers the Monster Mobile app and Monster Professional Networking for jobs to deliver on our promise of Better Access, Better Connections for Better Jobs. While the customized job experience of the Monster Mobile app ensures the quickest access to the most relevant job opportunities, we are integrating this further with Monster Professional Networking so you can leverage your connections to land the best role for you! Read on for more.

Monster Mobile app – A Job Search Tailored For You

You want a job which is suited to your career stage and future goals. And you want it at the right time, when making that change is worthwhile. You need a smart mobile app which can respond to your career needs in real-time and with relevance. The Monster Mobile app has been created with this key insight in mind. The next frontier in job search, Monster’s Mobile app, with an easy to use interface, brings users instant access to suitable job postings and on-the-go features to respond to them with dexterity.

When you access Monster Mobile app, you will assign yourself an avatar by setting your career status from pre-defined classifications. Once you choose this option, the data would be used by the app to pull out only the most relevant job postings and information for you. The entire app experience, including search results, smart job recommendations, job openings and notifications, is then accordingly customized based on your inputs. What’s more, this feature also works in the passive mode so you are alerted to relevant job openings and new opportunities even if you are not actively looking out for a job.

You can get incisive data on the completeness of your profile, who is viewing your profile, and how often you have appeared in recruiter searches with Activity Meter. Get updates onhiring trends in your industry, function and location, to take the right career decisions. The Monster Mobile app itself acts as a mini career guide, right in your pocket! It not only provides insights based on user activity but also offers recommendations and notifications in the form of easy, conversational messages. These guide you to take the right actions to further your career goals. Your Monster Mobile app will also give you the timely nudge to keep your profile information up-to-date.  It smartly notifies users of pending actions, job alerts, company/recruiter update, new connectionsand even lets you share prospects or save them for later. Take advantage of the seamless inter-operability with WhatsApp for quick shares!

Tapping into your Professional Networks for Job Search

Job seekers can build their professional network now on the Monster Professional Networking for Jobs and connect with other Monster users, recruiters and companies to find better jobs. The feature seamlessly interoperates with the Monster Mobile app to ensure that you get quick and easy access to your professional contacts at all times. You can import external contacts to further strengthen your professional network. Monster Professional Networking lets you follow and connect with potential recruiters and companies, to stay updated with job postings and company updates. Depending on the companies you follow on Monster Professional Networking, the mobile app will further customize your job alerts for instant access to opportunities most relevant and sort of by you.

With real-time job alerts and a user-friendly interface, the Monster Mobile app is a revolutionary step towards creating a customized job search experience. Its integration with the Monster Professional Networking for Jobs ensures that your job search remains customized and most relevant to you. Together, they will act as the alter-ego of a job seeker, powering smarter job search with technology that can assist users to find the right opportunity in the shortest time.   With such intuitive capabilities, let the Monster Mobile app and Professional Networking take the baton of Finding Better career opportunities for you – at the right time, in the shortest time. So you can identify, apply and close a prospect in the time it takes for one coffee break! (India/Middle East/South East Asia/Hong Kong)

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