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Common Sense Security measures for banks

Reported by | Updated: December 3, 2018

Three CISOs have diverse views. Vivek Gupta, CISO at Allahabad Bank, feels uses of dual authentication in internal environment without exceptions, use of remote access of sensitive servers from less secured and controlled environment, use of emails or USBs in privileged systems, common user set in help desk/ service support systems which run in shifts, […]

Customer/user experience versus security in banks

Reported by | Updated: November 27, 2018

Is customer/user experience often in conflict with security in banks and financial services institutions? Vivek Gupta, CISO at Allahabad Bank, is of the view that it was traditionally believed that enhanced customer/ user experience leads to compromise with security. He tells Banking Frontiers in an interaction that in the recent past, a number of applications […]

FIDO is preferred standard for banking transactions

Reported by | Updated: November 22, 2018

Security specification FIDO, or Fast ID Online, can be a preferred authentication standard for banking transactions, feels Vivek Gupta, CISO at Allahabad Bank, stating it can be integrated internally, where a USB token is used, and some other standards can be internally set up in internal servers. Gupta has been quoted by Banking Frontiers for […]