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Several studies reveal that more than 50% of people who work in organizations see work as something to be endured, not enjoyed. It is toiling they believe, and concepts like ‘work-life balance’ are just jargon since work is all about stress and the efforts to survive. However, surprisingly there is research evidence to support that it is not only possible to derive happiness at work, but many of us are actually getting happiness without actually knowing about it. The studies also indicate that people who are happy at work and while doing work, perform better overall in respect of productivity and career advancement and also in terms of health, well-being and creativity.

It is also observed that workplaces with happy workers have lower attrition rates, lower healthcare costs, fewer mistakes and enhanced efficiency. They also have higher customer loyalty and business growth.

Unfortunately, there is no defined formula to create happier workplaces and happy workers. One of the ways advocated by HR researchers and psychologists in this regard is to make happiness an enterprise’s best perk. Millennials are known to agree that happiness at work, like happiness in life, is a basic human aspiration and, thus, is the most attractive perk.

We believe that happiness is a serious business and is the foundation of a productive and optimized enterprise. We also believe that each of us can influence the levels of happiness in our workplace through our own behavior and attitude. Workplace can be where you can also have mirth and fulfillment. Ideally, everyone should spend a few minutes everyday thinking about what he or she can do to increase the happiness of the people one work with.

We wish to gauge the factors that lead to increase and decrease of happiness in organizations through a survey and publish the salient findings. The objective is to empower each employee and the top management to use this information to modify policies and processes to enhance employee happiness.

We urge all employees in the financial services sector in India to support this important objective and participate in this survey