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Present generation is stressed and mis-aligned with long term business

Many areas of financial services are very transactional in nature and in lending, the effect of your work is seen many years down the line, perhaps even 10 years later, says Shachindra Nath, founder of U Gro Capital. He tells Banking Frontiers in an interview that the biggest problem, particularly with people of the present generation, is that they are impatient, and therefore human capital is misaligned when it comes to long-term business. “In the financial services space, if you compare the more successful vs less successful organizations, in the former, the top management comprising say 50 people, would have stayed for at least 5-7 years. They would have thought and built that business with a long-term vision. Now people want to come in today, earn everything tomorrow and then go somewhere else. Nobody wants to wait to see the outcome. So, if I have to reward somebody, I want to reward at that outcome, not for today’s effort. Finding such people is the most difficult challenge, more so for NBFCs. As an analogy, people want the fruit right after planting the seed. They are not willing for the tree to grow and bear fruits,” says he.

Shachindra Nath explains why stress is rising. “I believe my 17-year old daughter has more stress than I have, because stress is a factor of what you want to achieve, so it is about managing expectations.” He adds that the reason why younger people actually have more stress is because they have too much expectation from life. 20 years ago, to graduate from a scooter to a car was a big achievement. Now, somebody who is passing out of a college wants to become a Bill Gates or Michael Dell. “It is expectation mismatch which is actually killing people. So I tell people don’t have too much of expectation, just live your life daily and have reasonable expectations. Second, I think people should be happy doing their job, enjoy when they come to work and feel motivated. When they are not, I tell them this is not the right place for them,” says he.

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