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Pollen VC offers more credit to app, game developers

Pollen VC, a fintech lender, which provides credit facilities to app and game developers, has increased the amount developers can borrow to up to 4x their monthly revenues. The fintech’s data driven credit models now have a more granular view of how revenue is generated over time, enabling the company to expand credit lines based on live performance metrics. Access to additional capital via a transparent revolving credit facility enables developers to supercharge their growth without relying on venture capital or revenue-based loans. The company provides a flexible line of credit that is based on a live picture of a developers accounts receivable (AR), plus an estimate of the residual value remaining in live user cohorts.  Martin Macmillan, CEO & Founder of Pollen VC, said developer revenue is not just realized at the point of download, monetization occurs over their consumer’s lifetime usage of the app or game. The company’s ability to base its lending decisions not just on AR, but now in a developer’s existing user base is unique and will be a game changer for the industry.


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