Nomination to FCBA Awards 2020 – Federation / Association

Reported by: |Updated: August 28, 2020

Welcome to the world of New Normal. All of us are geared to do business in a new world and are redefining our businesses accordingly. Our 14th FCBA Awards 2020 is also aimed at keeping all safety measures and transforming digitally while maintaining the social distance and the same enthusiasm that the FCBA Awards stands for.

We have made some changes to the concept as under.

  1. The Award Function and the Nomination process would be digital. You would be uploading all your forms and the submissions digitally.
  2. The jury process would be totally digital and faster. We have deployed some interesting technologies to empower this.
  3. Furthermore, the Award function and the conclave will also be digital. We will soon share with you the details of the same to be held in October 2020.

The nominations for FCBA Awards are open for submission.

Start Date for nomination submission: 28th August 2020

Last Date for nomination submission:  20th October  2020

Please provide relevant information and photographs. Please provide as much numerical and factual information to strengthen your nomination for the award.

This award is open only to Associations & Federations of Cooperative Banks.

Please read the steps below to get started. (Kindly note as the nomination is being collected over google form. You will need to submit nominations using any google / gmail account)

1. View the nomination awards submission instructional video

 2. First step is to decide which award categories you are interested in nominating your bank for. Please download those and fill up the award annexes below.

Note – Any Association or Federation can only apply for a maximum of 3 Awards.

You may apply for 5 Awards of which you can share with us the chronological order for consideration.  The last two nominations above the 3 qualified ones can only be considered if the federation is not winning in any of the first three categories.

1 ) Best CEO (Click here to download)

2) Best Risk Management Training Program  (Click here to download)

3) Best Audit & Inspection Training Program  (Click here to download)

4) Best Leadership Development Training Program – (Click here to download)

5) Best NPA Management Training Program (Click here to download)

6) Best Business Growth Training Program  (Click here to download)

7) Best Investments Training Program  (Click here to download)

8 ) Best Cyber Security Training Program  (Click here to download)

9 ) Best Digital Transformation Training Program  (Click here to download)

10 ) Best Training Program for Board Members – (Click here to download)

11) Best program for Corporate Governance and Business Governance – (Click here to download)

12) Best initiative to support Bank members during the Covid Times  (Click here to download)

13) Best initiative for Supporting the sector when it was stuck by Crisis of failure of certain strong banks  (Click here to download)

3. Second Step is to file your nominations online. Once you have the documents filled and ready, you can proceed further to filing your nominations online via google forms at

4. Lastly, for backup purposes, we kindly request you to e-mail the Federation Bank Award Category nomination documents and the Fact/Annexure excel sheet to [email protected]

In case  of any queries please reach out to

Mrs. Shweta – 8879422283 | [email protected]

Mr. Pramod – 9004446030 | [email protected]