Location – The New Frontier

Reported by: |Updated: January 21, 2016

Banking Frontiers organized an unconference to discuss on the growing importance of Location. Location-based information can be used by organizations in acquiring customers and proofing customers against frauds:

By knowing a customer’s location, a bank can secure his transactions too. For example, if a customer’s phone is triangulated to a location in Bandra, there is no way he can initiate a transaction in Poland. Therefore, geo-technology has applications in financial transactions too. Geo-location is therefore at the fore-front of creating a marketing and risk-proof fence around a customer.

Some 35 professionals from customer service, marketing and risk domaints participated in a discussion on the importance of location. Ricoh India was a knowledge partner. The unconference involved four parallel discussions, followed by a panel discussion to deliberate on the group findings. Excerpts from the unconference are available here. Ricoh India also explained its new products Pin-Point and Trans-Secure during the conference.