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IIFL Home Loans: Striving towards Sustainability & Equality

IIFL Home Loans: Striving towards Sustainability & Equality

IIFL Home Loans is working on 3 main areas for upliftment of its teams, through L&D programs. The first focus area is internalizing the concept of sustainability in its day-to-day business. For this it invested in developing its leadership by organizing management development program for a sustainability course in partnership with a leading B-school. Second, the company introduced capacity building for its women employees, where the assumed / perceived glass ceiling can be broken, whether it is in the workplace or is internal biases. Third, IIFL HL identified data as the new oil, and to capitalize and navigate the data, it fortified its teams with intermediate and advanced Excel training.

Focus Areas of Training

Says Rashmi Priya, Head HR, IIFL Home Finance: “We strongly believe in the saying by Peter Drucker: ‘An institution that cannot produce its managers will die.’ Management Development Program (MDP) is our training methodology that leads to the employee’s growth and development. The ideology to introduce this program was not only to increase knowledge of leadership line but build competency, make them role ready, help them tackle uncertainties, help them understand and work cross functionally and improve their decision making. We partnered with IIM Lucknow for the MDP.”

IIFL HL truly believes in diversity and inclusion. For achieving the goal of equal opportunity and growth, a workshop on Capacity Building for Women Employees is being taken up. The whole idea is to enhance leadership skills and help women employees in becoming a high impact player in the organization. The target audience included first time managers. The key elements focused during the workshop were:

  1. Individual Development: Creating self-awareness about the natural traits which make women excellent professionals.
  2. Impact Beyond Barriers: Address and overcome internal and external barriers in professional growth journey.
  3. Team Focus: Create a network for collaborative efforts leading to organizational synergies and to become a high impact player.
  4. Future Ready: Take charge of personal financial and career growth.

Add Rashmi: “Industry expert Dr. Shruti Jain from Increment-US has partnered with us for delivering a Capacity Building Workshop for Women Leaders.”

Technical abilities and skills also play a crucial role in employee career journey. Technical training in terms of intermediate and advance Excel was organized for the relevant teams, in partnership with Winteg Consultancy.

Future Training Programs

IIFL Home Finance is planning to take up the following trainings in this financial year:

  1. Onboarding training for our new joinees to ensure effective handholding and creating an impactful employee experience. This is the key retention strategy being planned to avoiding early attrition within the organization.
  2. Capacity building program for first time managers.
  3. Leadership Development Program for leaders and successors.
  4. Management Development Program for middle level managers.
  5. Accelerate: Workshop for bridging the gap between campus and corporate, preparing new joinees / frontline executives for the journey of excellence.

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