HR drives Vartalaap and LEAP at Magma Fincorp

Reported by: |Updated: October 21, 2019

Rajneesh Mishra, chief people officer of Magma Fincorp, an NBFC with over 10,000 employees, believes an open communication strategy is key to solving many of the issues that employees face. He tells Banking Frontiers in an interaction how the company periodically arranges webinars for its employees called ‘Vartalaap’ where all the employees connect, and the Group MD responds to their queries through video and audio conferences. The questions can be on the industry in general, organization per se and on topics like self-improvement.

Magma Fincorp has introduced a learning and development program to ensure structured online and offline training programs that impart functional competences and help in soft skills development of employees. The company makes it mandatory for employees to enhance and upskill themselves through training. It has a specially curated training called LEAP, or Leadership Development Program, for senior and top management conducted by a globally recognized faculty.