Future Generali Life Insurance is a serverless organization

Reported by: |Updated: December 3, 2018

Future Generali India Life Insurance Co is today a completely serverless organization, reveals the company’s CTO, Byju Joseph. In an interaction with Banking Frontiers, he says all the programs and tools reside on the cloud except the core system. “The APIs are deployed on API Gateway on the cloud and most of the transaction system is on the cloud and replicated to the DR site. In terms of software, we have the core system and the APIs, the maintenance of which is done by our internal team. We do undertake development in-house and we have a team of 24 developers and 3 enterprise architects,” he explains.

Joseph says the company is developing a system using analytics and AI to enable self-servicing. All customer requests on REVA and WhatsApp are processed through NLP based system and it can identify the intent of the customer and it starts reacting based on the queries put in. There is voicemetrics, that is, using voice parameters to identify the customer and attend to the customers’ needs without having to attend to him in person. “If this system can handle the issue and offer a solution, the issue is terminated there. In case the problem does not get solved, it is then escalated to higher levels of manual intervention,” says Joseph.

– N. Mohan, Editor, [email protected]