DBS Bank migrates 80% of its tech stack to cloud-ready infrastructure

Reported by: |Updated: October 31, 2018

DBS Bank’s Asia Hub for Innovation, which is located in India, uses cutting edge technologies and develops applications for the bank’s operations. Alfian Sharifuddin, MD and head of Technology and Operations at DBS India, says some of the latest technologies that are being used include micro-services for better resiliency, chaos engineering for better resiliency, open APIs for ecosystem / partner integration and a whole platform built on cloud-native technologies. We also use integrated SDKs for specialized services such as soft token, chatbots and credit risk assessment. He says in an interaction with Banking Frontiers that all these SDKs when integrated with their app, have enhanced the bank’s digital offering. The bank also uses insights from customer data and feedback to make better decisions on its products / offerings. It is also working on multiple AI / ML technologies for future enablement of product offerings, he adds.

Sharifuddin says the bank has been working on migrating to cloud-optimized technology in a big way, especially its recent use of the technology for data centers.

He adds that over the last 2 years, the bank been focusing on replacing the legacy stack with more modern cloud-ready infrastructure / cloud-optimized infrastructure in India. This move has not only helped the bank reduce its physical data center footprint but has also helped it scale up on demand for the various experiments the bank has embarked on. “As we stand, we have moved more than 80% of our stack in India to the cloud-ready/cloud-optimized infrastructure. The only areas that currently remain, are regulatory applications, which we intend to take up in the next phase,” says he.