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Sampath Bank, a pioneer in using IT in the banking industry in Sri Lanka, including the introduction of ATMs, is gearing for further\ enhancements that can help its customers. Ajith Salgado, who heads IT at the bank, talks about the plans:

Surekha Galagoda: Tell us about the ATM expansion of the bank. Ajith Salgado: Sampath Bank has an ATM pool of 275 at present and it is planning to add another 50 ATMs within this year. These ATMs are equipped with the features and services which are more than simple cash dispensing machines. Some of the new features include cardless cash. These machines enable the customers to withdraw cash without using an ATM card. Some of the other features offered are mobile cash, cash and cheque deposits and foreign currency exchange. In January last year, we introduced cash exchanging machines where any customer can insert the currency he has and get the required currency. For example you can put dollars and get Indian rupees. Already, we have installed 4 such machines which help the customers in an emergency. We are constantly expanding the services offered though the ATMs to provide maximum benefit to our customers. Apart from these initiatives we have partnered with local banks and financial institutions including the Bank of Ceylon, National Savings Bank, Housing and Development Finance Corporation, Union Bank, DFCC Vardhana Bank, Nations Trust Bank, National Development Bank, Pan Asia Bank, Muslim Commercial Bankand LB Finance to form an interbank ATM network with over 1600 ATMs. As each of these institutions expands its ATM pool, the interbank ATM network is benefited.

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