AI helps Home Credit India drive value from talent

Reported by: |Updated: October 11, 2019

Sandip Mallik, Chief Human Resources Officer at Home Credit India, speaking about challenges faced by NBFCs in the HR realm, says his company is always engaged in sharpening its own skills, not only in traditional areas, like employee retention and performance management, but also in new ones, such as managing the risks associated with gig work. In this respect, HR leaders should be no different from those in any other function – all of whom must be prepared to evolve if they are to be effective in helping the larger enterprise adapt to the changing nature of work, he says in an interaction with Banking Frontiers. Home Credit India is focusing on driving value from talent, building bandwidth, resources and credibility and the company has employed next-generation automation tools, including AI, and related technologies. Mallik claims this has helped the company to deliver consistent people processes that was often eluded traditional HR operations teams.