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Aggressive on Digital, Conservative on Social

At Investonline, customers can transact in a wide array of financial products such as mutual funds, PMS, housing loans, loans against properties, loans against securities and bonds, life and non-life insurance products, and company fixed deposits. It offers a single gateway to access multiple mutual fund investments.

Presently the company operates 4 touchpoints and it has no intention of adding more in the immediate future. Abhinav Angirish, the Founder, says: “The pandemic has brought years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business. We are looking at digital space as the next growth driver, and hence, are focused on digital expansion.”

Customer Touch

Since last year, Investonline has experienced overall growth in all segments: It achieved growth of 30% in assets y/y. Abhinav claims: “We have achieved this through our in-house financial magazine, ‘InvestGuide’ and meaningful mailers. We have applied technology to initiate and improve communication with our clients.” During the lockdowns, the extensive use of remote conferencing helped the company be in constant touch with its clients. Abhinav adds: “We leveraged our strengths with the help of aggressive digital marketing. It has helped us expand to new areas without any geographical hurdles. The continuous up-gradation of our website and mobile app has improved our research and helped us track customers.”

Presently, Investonline is focused on ramping up its technology that would enable anyone to have easier access to the world of investments. Abhinav adds: “The slow and steady approach helps us to pause and readjust our goals. We are thinking of the timeframe of months or years instead of days. Mailers and mobile app notifications help us to disseminate the latest information to our customers.” Invest online is following a conservative social media strategy.

Remote Onboarding

Invest online has fully digitized new investors’ remote onboarding journey through paperless transactions. The company has been undertaking a number of digital initiatives and online measures that have facilitated smooth onboarding, ease of transacting for different customer segments, and have improved customer service in the present scenario. Abhinav informs: “These have helped us serve investors that are looking to capitalize on wealth creation opportunities during these times of lockdowns and physical distancing. This has ensured that we accurately identify and authenticate the customer’s credentials and onboard them in real-time. Presently, we have 10,000 registered users on our platform.”

CRM with Chatbots

Leveraging its CRM, Investonline has been able to convert more leads for its business. Abhinav elaborates: “The data-driven customer profiling has helped us to segment our customer base which in turn allows us to implement an effective marketing strategy for our products. We also deploy cutting-edge customer interaction tools such as chatbots to further enhance our customers’ experience and the result is a happy and satisfied customer.”
Through sentiment analysis, the company tries to gauge customers’ interests including emotional state and respond in the best possible way. Also due to the vast insight into customer behavior, it has successfully developed a fraud detection system that enhances the data and financial security of its customers. Through Natural Language Generation Platform, whether it is email or client reports, it has personalized communication and this has helped it connect with customers more effectively.

Innovating Faster

Post pandemic, many companies are trying to bring cultural change into the organization. Many of the companies are keeping track of all the training programs that relevant employees have gone through, and who has achieved what level of proficiency, and who should be provided further training.

Abhinav assures: “Investonline is trying to play a proactive role in maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace. We are ensuring that the new habits that have emerged due to lockdowns remain healthy. Learning is the key part of an organization’s present and future culture. We are encouraging employees to listen harder and innovate more quickly. During the lockdown, we provided laptops to the employees who did not have access to the same to work from home. We have designed training programs that help the employees to hone their skills and become more efficient. We are constantly making efforts to ensure that the voice of our employees is heard so that the workplace becomes more inclusive and accessible.”

The IT Team

“Presently, we have an in-house team of 6 people in IT, who relentlessly work to develop new technologies. We are the first to introduce and integrate paperless registration and WhatsApp-based transaction facility and are continuously evolving. Our AI-backed calculators are designed to help first-time investors make informed decisions. Our mobile app ensures timely notifications about various events and client reports,” concludes Abhinav.

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