A Very Big Thank You

Reported by: |Updated: March 9, 2020

Banking Frontiers completed its annual Finnoviti-cum-Technoviti Conference, which also included awards for the top innovators in the financial sector and the IT sector. It was a mega event, as usual.
Heartiest congratulations to all the winners. Readers can see the photos of the winners receiving their trophies in the following pages. Many thanks and best wishes to all those individuals and companies that sent in their nominations but did not make it to the winning list. Wishing all of you better luck next year.
A big thanks to the jury members, who worked meticulously and intensely to evaluate the hundreds of nominations we received. Their insights and wisdom are indeed valuable in helping pick the best among the nominations.
Many thanks to Shri Satej Patil, Hon Minister of State in Maharashtra government for gracing Technoviti 2020 as the chief guest. Shri Patil handles several portfolios, including IT. He was deeply appreciative of the awards and conference, and we very much appreciate his encouragement.
Many thanks to all the sponsors who supported the conference and made it viable. We wish them great success with their products and services.
Thank you so much Deloitte and EY for your valuable partnership in supporting the jury process, presenting your research findings and moderating several sessions in the conference.
Thank you, Hotel Sahara Star for providing a wonderful ambience and services. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. Many thanks also to all the suppliers who provided stalls, lights, stage, backdrop, etc – all of which are essential elements of any such event.

Many thanks to the external professionals who worked with the Banking Frontiers team and lent their valuable services.
Last but not the least, heartiest thanks to the entire team at Banking Frontiers that worked hard and diligently for several months on various fronts including chief guest, speakers, delegates, operations, sales, brochures, invites, website, billing, payments, registrations, photography, and so much more. The coordination and collaboration that I have seen is amazing and the teamwork is improving year after year.
I personally thank the speakers, many of whom shared some really valuable insights. We will be publishing the highlights of the presentations and discussions in the magazine and on our website.
Given the success of Finnoviti & Technoviti in 2020, I am eagerly looking forward to the 2021 edition and with support from all stake holders, I expect it to be even grander in its scale and noble in its achievement.