A new IT staffer at Credit Suisse

Reported by: |Updated: February 8, 2018

Credit Suisse has engaged Amelia as part of its IT support team to help the bank’s human employees with their day-to-day technology problems. Amelia is an AI-powered virtual agent, hired from AI specialist form IPsoft and put together by a team of data scientists, neuro-linguistic programmers, neuroscientists, linguists, application builders, business-process analysts. The bank said it first built up her vocabulary, then familiarized her with its processes and systems to help diagnose problems and decide whether she can fix them. While IT staffers have built up a reputation in some quarters for less than stellar interpersonal skills, Amelia has an algorithm to help her avoid irritating the people seeking her help. The bank said unlike her human colleagues, Amelia takes no breaks or holidays. She responds to text requests in English 24/7, helping with the common yet simple problems that amount to nearly half of all support requests: email is stuck, password needs resetting, wi fi will not work.