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InsuranceDekho’s talent delivers speed & innovation

Ish Babbar, CTO & Co-founder, offers insights into the company’s robust technology framework and strategic collaborations:

InsuranceDekho is focusing on digital innovation within the insurance industry, leveraging technology to streamline every aspect of the insurance value chain. As a tech-first company, the company has implemented a range of digital initiatives aimed at enhancing the insurance experience for both customers and partners.

Ish highlights the digital initiatives: “We have embraced end-to-end simplification -simplifying the entire insurance process from sourcing to fulfilment and post-policy sales operations to finance reconciliations. Our technology ensures a seamless experience at every stage. Our 60-second CKYC-based onboarding process for agent partners sets the industry standard. Deep integrations with CERSAI and banks enable real-time verification, ensuring the reliability of our agent network.”

AI For Video Verification

InsuranceDekho employs AI-based video verification to combat fraud and ensure the authenticity of its customers. The company’s AI-powered module for vehicle inspection sets it apart in the insuretech landscape by providing a seamless experience for break-in insurance.

Ish says: “Our platform sends smart nudges to agents for timely renewals, and policies can be tracked and renewed with just a few clicks, simplifying the renewal process for both agents and customers. Addressing a critical pain point, we have launched the ‘Any Time Commission’ feature, allowing agents to withdraw commissions in just a few clicks, with credits processed in as little as 30 seconds.”

These initiatives show the company’s commitment to using technology to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and provide better value to its customers and partners in the insurance ecosystem.

Partners & Channels

InsuranceDekho has developed its entire product in-house and has 100,000 agent partners, serving 6.6 million customers and handling 35,000 claims to date. Ish reveals: “We do work with third parties like Vaahan (for vehicle updates), CERSAI (for PAN updates), JusPay, RazorPay, and Axio (for payment gateways). And needless to say, we have deep integrations with 46 insurers covering 600 insurance plans. This collaboration typically constitutes between 12-15% of its overall IT expenditure.

IT Team Evolution

InsuranceDekho technology team consists of approximately 130 professionals, including software engineers, product managers, designers, QA specialists, and data scientists. The team has exceptional talent and experience across all departments. Many of the core engineers have progressed into managerial roles, showcasing their expertise and leadership.

Ish added: “Approximately 10% of the workforce has been with the company since day one, demonstrating their dedication and loyalty. In the past 3 years, InsuranceDekho has successfully attracted top talent from renowned institutions such as IIT, DA-IICT, DTU, and NIT.”

The company’s product managers come from prestigious institutions such as IIT, IIM, and overseas universities. Moreover, InsuranceDekho has been able to attract professionals from industry giants such as Amazon, Airtel, Yatra, Oyo, and Rupeek, which highlights the company’s commitment to building a world-class team that can drive innovation and excellence in the field of insurance technology.

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