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Government will support fintech entrepreneurs for infra and finance

Government will support fintech entrepreneurs for infra and finance: Karad

“I want to assure FinTech entrepreneurs that the Indian government is there to support them in every possible way including infrastructure and Finance. If India has to progress, FinTech innovation is very important,” said Dr Bhagwat Karad, Minister of State for Finance, while delivering the keynote address on the final day of Global FinTech Fest 2022.

Talking about the growth of India’s FinTech sector and how fintechs were changing businesses, consumers, and the world, Karad said, “Fintechs have played a huge role in financial inclusion, which is a key agenda of the Indian government led by PM Narendra Modi. India is a global leader in digital transactions and Financial inclusion.

The FinTech revolution is key to India’s progress. India is continuously innovating in financial technology and is on its way to adopting a digital rupee/currency controlled by RBI. It will play a key role in India’s economy”.

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