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Fostering a culture of growth & development

Blended training programs offer a highly engaging and effective approach to learning that helps organizations to maximize impact:

Fostering a culture of growth & development

HR in many big companies train various functional teams such as IT, finance, compliance, legal, operations, etc, about business vocabulary and language. To ensure that everyone in its organization is speaking the same lexicon and on the same page, Liberty General Insurance offers training on business communication to various functional teams such as IT, finance, compliance, legal, operations, and HR. Priya Vasudevan, President HR, expands: “This training can include improving written and verbal communication skills, as well as learning industry-specific terminology. Additionally, we provide training on how to create effective narratives and tell engaging stories to shape mindsets and influence business outcomes. This helps us build a culture of clear and effective communication that helps us achieve our goals.”

Measure Progress, Tailor Prog

Measuring progress through pre-training and post-training assessments is an effective way to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program. Before starting a training program, Liberty General Insurance usually assesses participants to establish a baseline of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the subject area. This baseline serves as a reference point to track progress and improvement throughout the training program. After the training program is completed, Liberty GI conducts post-training assessments to determine the extent to which participants have increased their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Priya elaborates: “These assessments can take different forms, such as quizzes, tests, projects, or manager observations. By analyzing the results of both pre- & post-training assessments, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the training program and make necessary adjustments for improvement. This approach also helps us to tailor the training program to meet the specific needs of individual participants or groups for maximum impact.”

Strong Inclination For Tech

To ensure it has the right talent to support its business growth, Liberty GI focuses its recruitment efforts on certain key functions such as distribution, claims, underwriting, and technology. When considering potential candidates, the company prioritizes those who have demonstrated career stability, as this indicates a track record of dedication and commitment. Priya adds: “Additionally, we seek out candidates who have a proven ability to make an impact in their previous roles, as well as those who are comfortable with data and analytics and have a strong inclination for technology.”

The company’s focus on these specific criteria helps it to identify candidates, who are not only well-suited to the specific demands of its business but also possess the skills and experience necessary to drive innovation and growth. Priya adds: “By selecting candidates who possess these qualities, we are better able to build a strong and effective team that can adapt to changing market conditions and meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Liberty General Insurance believes that investing in the development and growth of its employees is a critical component of its success. To ensure that it hires individuals who have the potential to succeed in the organization, it uses a psychometric test called Predictive Index to assess candidates’ behavioral traits. Priya points out: “We compare them to a benchmark level of those traits that successful Liberty employees demonstrate.”

Nurture Aspirations

For employees who are at senior job bands or who are recommended for promotions, the company has a Development Centre. This centre is designed to assess participants for the next level of responsibility by providing them with individual and group tasks to complete. Trained assessors observe the participants across various tasks and exercises, taking note of their observations against Liberty competencies. Based on their observations, assessors provide feedback to each participant on strengths and areas for development. These areas are then worked on by the participant and their manager through a structured development journey that spans a 3-year horizon.

Priya adds: “This process ensures that we consistently and patiently nurture our employees to achieve their career aspirations rather than just developing or promoting them and moving on. By investing in our employees in this manner, we help to foster a culture of growth and development that is essential to our long-term success with a team of people who are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of our business and our customers.”

Blended Learning

Liberty General Insurance is seeing a growing trend in the use of blended training programs. These programs offer a highly effective approach to learning that combines a range of different methods, including self-paced learning, instructor-led discussions, and projects/assignments. One of the key benefits of blended learning is that it provides participants with a flexible and personalized approach to learning. This is especially important when working with a diverse group of employees who have different learning styles and preferences. Priya bifurcates: “Self-paced learning is great for those who prefer to work independently, while instructor-led discussions allow participants to engage with experts and peers and deepen their understanding of the course material.”

Projects and assignments are also an essential part of a blended training program. They provide participants with the opportunity to apply their new knowledge and skills in a practical context, which can be highly effective in helping them retain information and develop problem-solving skills. At the end of the day, blended training programs offer a highly engaging and effective approach to learning that can help organizations to maximize the impact of their training efforts. Priya feels: “By providing participants with a range of different learning methods and tailoring the training to their specific needs and preferences, we can ensure that our employees are fully engaged and invested in the learning process, which is key to driving successful business outcomes.”

Active Allies, DEI Efforts

Liberty General Insurance firmly believes that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is not just the responsibility of one particular group. It is essential that the company engages everyone in the organization to ensure that it makes real progress toward achieving gender diversity and inclusion.

As part of its DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) efforts, the company recognizes that it is critical to have the support and active participation of everyone in its ecosystem – including men. Priya underlines: “This means that our male colleagues and managers play a vital role in serving as Active Allies to support and advocate for women in our organization.”

Liberty General Insurance is committed to fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and encourages collaboration and inclusivity at all levels of the organization. Priya adds: “By engaging everyone in this effort, we believe that we can create a workplace that is not only more diverse but also more supportive, empowering, and ultimately more successful.”

WEGrow To Support Women

Liberty General Insurance is committed to continuously improving and evolving its policies and practices to support the needs and aspirations of all of its employees. The company believes that its hybrid working model – Flexiworking – is a real competitive advantage in attracting talent. It has found that many of its employees, particularly women, value the flexibility that this model offers and often base their decision to join the organization on this benefit. Priya says: “To capitalize on this advantage, we have been working hard to fine-tune our management practices to ensure that our managers are fully equipped to lead and manage in a hybrid work environment.”

However, Liberty GI is aware that it still has work to do regarding gender diversity, particularly in its mid-junior job bands. To address this, the company recently introduced the WEGrow program, designed to identify and support high-performing women in the organization. Through this program, it aims to provide women with the tools, resources, and development opportunities they need to advance their careers and ultimately take on leadership roles within the company. Priya indicates: “By offering structured development journeys as a cohort, we believe that WEGrow will help to create a supportive and empowering environment for women to grow and develop their skills. We see this initiative as a key part of our efforts to attract and retain the best talent.”

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