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The learning of one technocrat – Srivaths Vardharajan, COO / CTO at Spice Money:

Question: What 2 things would you do differently today compared to what you did earlier in the area of…..

Team Management:

Have hybrid teams with 40% youngsters (management trainees), 30% external roles (to challenge internal thoughts) and remaining 30% internal leaders and teams (strong warriors).

Vendor Management:

There is no vendor management, only partner management, which means:

1. SLA driven with rewards and accountability.

2. Joint innovation in new space.

Project Resource & Timeline Planning:

1. Agile value driven projects (measurable ones).

2. Do fewer lean and impactful projects adding to top line or bottom line.

Technology Upgradation:

1. Adopt more platform-based approach focused on data driven strategy.

2. Adopt ML/AI basis use cases supplementing point 1.

User Training:

1. Continuous skill upgrade beyond the field of work.

2. Involve the users as part of design process – learning is faster for adoption and will be practical.

Project Budgeting & Annual IT Budgeting:

1. investments in asset light models.

2. Re-asses every quarter and year on what we should not do and what we should do by replacing earlier decisions.

Minimizing/Mitigating Technology Risk:

1. Information and risk process as integral part of delivery.

2. More automation by getting real time fraud assessments and reduce human dependency (rules, workflow, data, ML/AI).

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