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Welcoming hyper innovation with Sound Security

The seeds of a new  wave  of  innovation  were  sowed  in 2016. The first shoots of this innovation were seen in 2017. 2018 will be the year when these innovations move into the growth phase. 2018 is the year when numerous innovations will be tested against the standards of acceptance, scalability and ROI.

There will be another important test that these innovations will  have  to  face  –  the  test  of  security.  A  large  number  of innovations will come out of sand boxes and test environments into the real world, where they will not only face customers and employees, but also cybercriminals of all kinds – outside and within.

Vulnerabilities  keep  popping  up  with  older  technologies, and  so  recent  innovations  like  virtual  assistants,  API,  etc, cannot  be  presumed  to  be  safe,  no  matter  what  the  hype. Cybercriminals  are  surely  looking  at  these  innovations  as juicy targets. So CISO, CIOs & CTOs have a new challenge to  ensure  that  they  accelerate  their  own  pace  to  keep  up with  the  pace  and  diversity  of  innovation.  This  is  indeed  a formidable challenge.

Banking  Frontiers  is  hosting  a  Roundtable  of  CISOs,  CIOs and CTOs to brainstorm and come up with security insights that will empower the innovation yatra that has just begun. We eagerly solicit your participation and contribution to this endeavor.

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