Trust The Experience Accelerator

Reported by: |Updated: July 5, 2019

Trust is what makes the world go around. This is more so in the world of banking, financial services, and insurance. With the onset of the era of digitalization, data is the new gold. Consequently, data security has become an imperative non-negotiable.

On the other hand, the onslaught of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, and other cutting edge technologies have made possible an array of features and functionality in BFSI products and services. However, these very same technologies also potentially expose the end customer to data fraud, security breaches, and cybercrimes.

It is here that the end customer finds himself at the cross-section of convenience and security. The customer may be willing to go only so far in trading data security for additional convenience. How does he or she make this trade-off? What do customers of today expect from financial institutions when it comes to trusting a brand for the safety of their personal data?

Banking Frontiers has conducted a survey of leading CXOs of financial institutions to answer these very questions. We would like to brainstorm the findings of our survey with select industry leaders like you so as to
strengthen our understanding of the findings and enable us to come out with a data-rich, insights-laden report for the benefit of the BFSI industry.

We look forward for your valuable participation.