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The future of work Places

2016-08-22_121451With the Reserve Bank of India opening the floodgates for issuing new banking licenses, a war is imminent across the entire financial sector as zooming demand will compete for the limited pool of talent. Many will respond by taking an even more strategic approach to talent acquisition  and  find  even  better  ways  to  to  attract  &  retain  valuable candidates. However, the true winners will be those who focus on and excel at managing the entire talent lifecycle.

While  business  objectives  are  speed,  agility  and  innovation,  talented employees  seek  experience,  transparency  and  purpose.  Trends  such as social media as a business application, blurring of work and home, new  mobile  devices  and  evolving  business  models  are  shaping  the work  culture  of  the  future.  Now  talent  management  is  no  longer  an internal process….it is visible and competes on social media. The recent recruitment problems of certain start-ups have magnified this challenge for  CHROs.  Another  huge  opportunity  for  CHROs  is  to  closely  align individual goals with company goals, as seen at numerous start-ups.

A  Gallup  survey  done  globally  found  that,  shockingly,  only  40%  of the employee’s know their organization’s strategies and priorities for success. Another Bersin survey revealed that 54% of employees believe they have more creativity, resourcefulness, talent and intelligence than what their jobs require. These are indeed new challenges for CHROs.

For smart leaders, each challenges is an  opportunity. Banking Frontiers is exploring this thinking by calling a Roundtable of CHROs of banks, insurance companies and NBFCs. Titled The Future of Work Places, our objective is to brainstorm desired talent strategies for the future to drive talent lifecycle management to transform challenges into opportunities. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with your peers in this Roundtable, and take back powerful and actionable insights.

We await your confirmation to be an active participant in this Roundtable.

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