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Masterclass on Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services


The financial services industry has entered the artificial intelligence (AI) phase of the digital marathon.
AI, Robotic Process Automation, blockchain, big data and other emerging technologies are having the biggest technology revolution for the banking, financial services and insurance industries. The finance sector has proven itself an early adopter of AI in comparison to other industries. Applications of AI in finance are myriad.
The program shall take the participants on the journey of acquiring knowledge and skills regarding the manner in which AI is transforming the banking and financial services industries to conduct in-depth analysis and open up new business opportunities.


What You Will Learn: Reimaging the business of banking, financial services and insurance industry using AI such as –

1)  Customer Segmentation & Lifetime value, Targeted Marketing
2)  Digitization of compliance & boarding documents, Automating loan-origination process,
3)  Risk Management, Credit scoring for customers
4)  Life Mortality & Morbidity Analytics, Underwriting operations
5)  Detecting Fraud, hyper-risk profiles of customers
6) Wealth Advisory, Merchant data analytics, Real-time risk exposure
And more…

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