InfoTech 3.0 Transforming Goals Synergizing Roles

Reported by: |Updated: June 2, 2017

Every industry is experiencing IT enabled innovations that are truly transformational. Retailing now offers  customers variety and customization that were impossible earlier. Self-driving cars and flying cars will utterly transform mobility, ownership and traffic congestion. However, it is the financial sector that is experiencing the most massive transformation.

From  being  the  most  self-isolated  industry  that  bordered  on bureaucracy, the financial sector is now the most agile and customer centric. InfoTech 1.0 gave it the rock solid base of CBS and InfoTech 2.0  ushered  in  new  channels  offering  unimaginable  convenience and  user  experience.  InfoTech  3.0  is  poised  to  integrate  the financial sector deeply with everything – from e-commerce to social to travel to entertainment to government, and beyond. From being an enabler for the organization, CIOs & CTOs are seeking to drive transformation in the entire ecosystem.

Alongside, every customer, every bank, every insurer and even the regulators have become targets for cyber criminals….CISOs now have a responsibility to extend security into uncharted territories.

Fintechs and start-ups are ‘poking their nose’ into every opportunity – offering everything as a service and aggregating everything that is  visible.  Financial  organizations  are  responding  by  offering  new services  and  building  an  agile  infrastructure  that  drives  synergy across departments and partner organizations. Open and real-time is the new normal.

To unravel this transformation, Banking Frontiers is pleased to invite financial sector CIOs, CTOs and CISOs to a brainstorming roundtable titled  InfoTech 3.0 – Transforming Goals, Synergizing Roles. We look forward  to  your  participation  in  this  endeavor  and  eagerly  await  your confirmation.


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