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From Tech Knowledge to TechWisdom

Technology leaders in the financial sector face a deluge of technologies, platforms, business drivers, regulatory initiatives, cyberthreats, and much more. Initiating new projects relating to any of these is not a big challenge.

Keeping the older systems running is also not a big challenge. The real challenges are two-fold:

(i) how to keep everything working together smoothly

(ii) how to keep upgrading seamlessly

This is something for which there is no standard formula. A lot depends upon the talent available (inhouse & external), the technologies being deployed, the financial budgets, the time spans, the past experiences, and much more.

What are the successful formulae that technology leaders have adopted today? What formulae will they experiment with in the future? How do they treat the forces that they control and the forces that they can’t control? What are the underlying philosophies about technology to make wise decisions? Answers to such questions are crucial to climb up the ladder from Knowledge to Wisdom.

Banking Frontiers is organizing a roundtable of technology leaders of the BFSI sector to brainstorm such issues and churn out valuable insights in search of wisdom. We invite you to participate and look forward to your confirmation.




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