Disrupt, or be Disrupted

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The  financial  sector is  experiencing  waves   of  innovations, technologies  and   business models,  enabled by devices+connectivity on the consumer side and cloud+analytics on the business side.

Cloud changed from a buzzword to a serious platform when aggressive e-commerce companies adopted it and made it the preferred choice  for every business seeking a reliable, secure, agile, versatile,  convenient, economical and  partner-rich platform. Today, cloud is nothing  less  than  a Juggernaut for every  forward  thinking  financial organization. Likewise, the  massive growth  in personalized data and proliferation of solutions has made analytics a must for the financial sector.

In the  entire  history of the  financial sector, pace and  agility were  never  major considerations. This luxury is completely finished, thanks  to the customer experience provided by social media and  e-commerce sector!  Furthermore, innumerable non-financial  companies are  setting  up mobile wallets and other  quasi-financial  products and competing fiercely with the incumbents. The paradigm for most of these non-financial firms often goes beyond convenience to business enablement and value creation, creating a real threat  for the incumbents.

Digitization, the  new  buzzword,  is rewriting  the  rules  of competition, with incumbents most at risk of being  left behind  and  start-ups stealing the  march.  Consequently, every  incumbent financial organization has no option  but to BE fast and agile, and THINK smart and disruptive, essentially to adopt the best  practices of a start-up.

Banking  Frontiers  is organizing  a roundtable of business leaders, CIOs and  CTOs to explore and  analyze this new  mantra  of disruptive  transformation. We eagerly look forward  to your participation in this collaborative learning  exercise.

Venue : Salon Pompadour, Sofitel Hotel, BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai

Date    : Friday, 3 june, 2016

Time   : 6 pm to 9.30 pm


Saaniya Naik         : 77380 88612    [email protected]

Ashish Verma         : 77386 15499    [email protected]

Durgesh Nadkarni  : 90044  46026    [email protected]


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