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Ageing Infrastructure

Ageing Infrastructure Creating the Elixir of Youth

Business units have found a fantastic solution to tap into the youth customer segment – digital transformation. It is so effective that every other function and department is now motivated to search for the elixir of youth that will tackle their own ageing problem.Technology too seeks the elixir of youth. Lots of new technologies are driving digital transformation, some of which have been used to extend the life of legacy applications. However, lower down the technology stack, there is little choice but to rip off and replace ageing technologies and ageing architectures that impede digital transformation.

With the new year just a few weeks away, technologists like you will once again face fresh challenges of accelerated technological ageing. Wouldn’t you be interested in the elixir of youth that will rejuvenate your ageing infrastructure and architecture in 2019? Banking Frontiers invites you to a brainstorming session that will create this elixir by amplifying the collective wisdom of you and your peers.We eagerly await your confirmation to participate in this brainstorming session for technology visionaries riding the wave of digital transformation. This is part of a series of discussions on
the digital transformation wave.

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