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CUB: Voice, IoT in; Card out

CUB has also leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) for making digital payments:

CUB: Voice, IoT in; Card out

In order to further promote using UPI for digital payments especially in rural and among non-smart phone users, City Union Bank (CUB) has, in association with NPCI, launched 4 different digital products. Sankaran G, General Manager, Computer Systems, explains: “CUB has leveraged UPI’s ‘Mobile first’ approach and leveraged multiple new use cases. In order to focus on financial inclusion as part of digital payment initiative, and to make digital payments using UPI, 4 products were launched. Apart from financial inclusion, the bank has also leveraged Internet of Things (IoT) for making digital payments.”

Hello UPI

The bank had already launched IVR based payment product UPI123 for feature phones through which customers will be making payments through a step-by-step process. As part of next innovation, the bank has launched HELLO UPI conversational payment through UPI 123 in regional languages. Customers can now make conversational payments through their smart phone or feature phone in their own language using voice. Sankaran informs: “This will benefit majority of customers who prefer conversing in their own language and also benefit senior citizens and visually impaired to make payments. Customers can currently make payments using voice in 2 regional languages and other languages are in beta.”

Customer can dial +918045163641 and follow few simple steps for registration and payments. There are a few easy steps for making Hello UPI payment on mobile phone: User dials from the mobile phone (feature phone/smart phone). Call reaches the IVR, where user is greeted and asked for selecting payment option, which user intends to perform. IVR captures the voice inputs of the user and sends the audio file to the conversational AI models. Sankaran adds: “Conversational AI models will work on the audio file received and give the output in the form of entity type, entity values. These output values will be consumed by the bank for further processing UPI payments.”


CUB has implemented Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) from ATM using UPI in all NCR branded ATMs (around 800 ATMs). This feature will enable the account holders to withdraw cash without using ATM cards. Customer needs to scan the QR code using any UPI app on his/her mobile and authorize the transaction with UPI PIN to get cash from the ATM. Sankaran elaborates: “UPI QR code will be used to authenticate the transaction. CUB is also in the process of enabling this facility in other ATM brands also. With this the entire network of CUB ATMs will be capable of dispensing cash using UPI. CUB was the first bank to launch this facility in the year 2019. This will be very handy for the customers as they need not bring their ATM cards for cash withdrawal.”

Payment Using Alexa

CUB has already implemented UPI123 IVR payments and second factor authentication using voice biometric for mobile banking solution. Sankaran reveals: “We have launched a pilot testing of IoT based conversational payments, partnering with Amazon Alexa. IoT (Internet of Things) payment has evolved and is used further to minimize the use of handsets and to carry handsets to every place.”

IoT payments has evolved in way to make payments externally even in fuel stations on just communicating with the amount and receivers via CIAS (Car Integrated Audio System) which becomes hassle free payment. Sankaran adds: “This will facilitate customers to make payments, balance enquiry for their accounts by conversing with Alexa. Customers can use this facility by simply registering once with Alexa. IoT based technology is making the current trend and CUB customers will be excited to use this facility.”

Aadhaar Based Registration

Currently customers can register for UPI service by using their ATM card. In order to facilitate customers who do not have ATM card and to make them utilize UPI payment, CUB has launched registering for UPI through their Aadhaar. Sankaran enlists its advantages: “This will penetrate more UPI usage by customers who were deprived due to not having ATM card.

Most rural customers using feature phones may not have debit cards but they are registered with Aadhaar. It opens up huge opportunity for banks as well as customers for financial inclusion. Customers need to follow simple steps to register themselves using their Aadhaar credentials and start making payments using UPI.”

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