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Canara HSBC chooses genuine influencers prudently

Tarannum Hasib, Chief Distribution Officer, Canara HSBC Life Insurance shares the details about the company’s influencer marketing programs, influencer partners & strategies to minimize the risk associated with influencers:

Canara HSBC chooses genuine influencers prudently

Ravi Lalwani: Is the company using influencer marketing? For how long?

Tarannum Hasib: Influencer marketing has picked up pace in recent years and has significantly impacted buying decisions across all strata and sectors and we have been no different. We at Canara HSBC Life Insurance have been using a mix of nano, micro, and mega influencer marketing for more than 5 years now. It has been a promising journey for us and has helped us garner commendable results and reach the desired target audience, hence we continue to do so engage in the same.

Which customer segments are you targeting? Which product categories?

Insurance is something that we all require at almost all stages of our life journey so when we talk about customer segments, our focus is on people in the age group 25-65; in other words, the decision-makers. The core focus of our target audience has always been the people with insurable income across India looking for ways to secure themselves and their loved ones.

Share some details about the influencer partners.

We scout for our influencers on various content platforms and not just one to bring in versatility and reach out to varied audience sets. We have been working with market leaders including Momspresso, Leo Burnett, and Pixellation for a long time, and this multi-partnership has been more than rewarding for the company.

Which social media platforms is the company focusing upon?

People like to traverse through multiple social media platforms throughout the day, so the idea has always been to engage people across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. We want to tap our audience through as many channels as possible and gain their attention and trust as we offer our promising services to them.

Have you used vernacular language for this activity? Who are the influencers and what customer segments do they connect with?

The most amazing part about our association with the content platforms is that we get to spread our communication in vernacular languages too as most of them enjoy a strong presence across many regional languages. Although for our content, we have used languages such as English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali to promote our message to a wider range of audience and offer them the best of our products & services.

Share some samples/details of the content being promoted.

We have a plethora of content that we have conceptualized and promoted over the years. We have done Instagram reels on life lessons from parenting with influencer Rashi Vohra on her justmommying page, and Dr. Yashi on her the-compulsive mommy Instagram page and we have also done #PromisesKaPartner series with Lalit Choudhary on his Instagram page lalitchoudhary13.

What are the other methods being used to target the same customer segments?

We have been using a combination of channels like dark social, digital banners, and video properties to target the customer segments, which have proved to be precise in helping us reach our targets and they continue to meet our expectations well.

What are your key criteria for selecting an influencer? What are your criteria for avoiding/minimizing risk associated with any influencer?

Being a transparent organization, one that believes in serving people with care and genuineness, we choose our influencers with utmost prudence – those who carry the same values in their hearts. This is why we always partner with creators that are genuine and have a strong and trusted media presence. This has been our major criteria for avoiding and minimizing the risk associated with influencers, and we have sincere intentions of continuing to select our influencers based on these values as we move forward.


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