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Branch Manager’s Digest

Branch managers play a pivotal role in a bank. They are the banker boss for most customers. Each branch is literally an island, which a branch manager has to manage from multiple perspectives of employees, customers, security, profits, assets, compliance, audit, and much more. A branch is literally a bank in itself and hence managing a branch is a very big topic.

Tara Prasad Misra covers this very well in his book ‘Guide to Bank Branch Management’. His 459-page volume gives notable insights into operational efficiency, marketing strategy, customer service, credit management, fraud vigilance, audit, and more.

The book offers value to the readers in the form of numerous lists. Tara Prasad has made lists for negotiations, time management, documentation, priority sector lending, vigilance, curbing NPAs, communication skills, and much more. This makes the book a handy reference guide.

The book begins by preparing the reader to understand the role and responsibilities of a bank branch manager, and summarizes the competencies, qualities and best practices that are essential to run a branch and to transform it.

The good thing is that you don’t have to read the book sequentially. You can read any chapter when you want as all chapters are essentially independent of one another.

This book can be of great help to a branch manager to be more efficient and to be more effective, and thereby contribute to the health and growth of the bank.

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