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BNY Mellon expands its short-term investment platform

BNY Mellon expands its short-term investment platformAmerican investment banking services holding company BNY Mellon has announced the expansion of its short-term investment platform, LiquidityDirect, to incorporate access to mutual funds, enhanced Focused Investing options, interest-bearing demand deposit accounts and sponsored cleared repo Sweep capabilities to help companies maximize liquidity, manage risks and improve performance.

Driven by client demand, these enhancements provide corporate treasurers and other finance executives with a comprehensive platform for leveraging more than 100 investment vehicles.

The expansion also unlocks additional value via integration with SAP’s Treasury Management workstation, creating efficiencies for self-directed cash management, payments and investments. These developments build on LiquidityDirect’s existing platform integration with several other leading treasury workstations and cash management systems, including Indus Valley Partners, G Treasury, and Hazeltree.

Adam Vos, CEO of BNY Mellon Markets & Execution Services, said: “Throughout market cycles, the global demand for liquidity remains paramount for all market participants. A critical component to meeting clients’ needs is providing integrated access from a single source to an array of liquidity solutions. We have built—and now significantly enhanced—our LiquidityDirect platform to offer clients exactly these types of innovative solutions, to meet their dynamic investment and risk criteria as they execute on their liquidity strategy.”

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