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Tomorrow’s Leaders & AI

As AI breaks barriers and explores new frontiers, one important landmark that it will come to is leadership. So far we have seen only human leadership. In the near future, we will see AI leadership and we will see hybrid leadership.

Human leadership will surely have a huge impact on AI leadership – that much we know. What will be the impact of AI leadership on human leadership – that is something to look forward to.

One impact that I strongly expect is that AI will not just transform human leadership, it will be a force multiplier for leadership.

We all understand that developing leadership skills is not easy – it requires a big investment of time and effort. Leadership comes naturally only to a very few, whereas the world needs many more leaders. The first and foremost thing AI can do is accelerate the learning process. The second is that with faster and deeper access to sentiments, AI can give leaders the ability to respond faster and harder, reducing the guesswork. Third, AI can give leaders more time to work on the difficult things, be it envisioning the future or negotiating or handling dilemmas or something else. Fourth, AI can be a virtual game where leaders can test hypotheses and see likely outcomes, so that they can put the best decisions to work.

However, AI will also reduce the need for leaders in many areas. With the masses too have AI at their disposal, many people may not feel the need for leaders as AI empowers them to achieve their goals and have a better quality of life. AI avatars might as well emerge as the next generation of leaders.

I expect that once AI is commonplace, we will have human leaders for the really tough challenges like reducing global warming, averting war, tackling humanitarian crises, etc, while many of us will follow AI leaders for some of our basic needs, and hybrid leaders in the middle.

Maslow’s hierarchy is apt for mapping future of leadership. Human leaders at the top, AI leaders at the bottom and hybrid leaders in the middle.

What do you think?

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