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Saarathi, a new digital lending platform, launched

Decimal Technologies, a fintech startup, has launched Saarathi, a new one-of-a-kind lending marketplace, specializing in the digital transformation of loan files. The AI-based product enables hassle-free, paperless digitalization of multiple financial products such as loans, credit cards, and insurance on one platform. Saarathi offers a transparent, low-cost process to the lender ecosystem ensuring loan files are trustworthy and fraud-proof, while at the same time making the approval process 5X faster for customers. Lalit Mehta, co-founder, and CEO of Decimal Technologies said being AI-based, Saarathi digitizes the end-to-end loan journey in an intelligent manner. The AI/ ML components seamlessly match the customer with the lender without any manual intervention, solving one of the most crucial problems of the lending industry. He added that with the platform, the company hopes to digitize the offline channels and make them efficient as these channels contribute significantly to all disbursements happening today. Saarathi has been built on Decimal Technologies’ proprietary and trusted No-Code Low-Code platform, which facilitates scale with security.


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