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North Korea involved in Bangla bank heist

Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab said it has definite evidence to show that North Korea was involved in the February 2016 cyber heist involving Bangladesh Bank and the Federal Reserve of New York. The firm said it has obtained digital evidence that bolsters suspicions by some researchers on this count. Kaspersky has released a 58-page report on Lazarus, a group linked to the heist in Bangladesh and the 2014 attack on Sony’s Hollywood studio, which the US government blamed on North Korea. Among its findings, the report said Lazarus hackers made a direct connection from an IP address in North Korea to a server in Europe that was used to control systems infected by the group. The North Korean government has denied allegations of hacking made by officials in Washington and South Korea as well as security firms. A Kaspersky researcher said he could not conclusively say that Pyongyang was behind the attacks because it was possible the hackers went to great effort to make it look like they were from North Korea, or that North Koreans were working with others.

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