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In Search of New Habits

The professional women reveal what new habits they would like to develop:

Sumanlatha Sanghi, Head – Account & Channel Maintenance at ANZ, is working on 2 habits to become better. The first is learning to ‘let go’ whether at home or at work, which will enable her to support wider things and do more. The second habit is to manage stress better using tools like yoga and outdoor activities. “I have been trying to learn this for some time now,” she says.

Shalini Rajani, Head – Training & Call Center at Fino Payments Bank, says that though at this level she has learnt a lot in her career, but somewhere she finds herself behind in the technical aspects. “So, I think it is something I need to build up in me. So, my team helps me. One should accept his/her own weak point also,” she says.

Purvi Bhavsar, Managing Director at Pahal Financial Services, wants to develop her ability to read more and concentrate – something that she has lost in last 2-3 years. She also wants to improve her writing skills and is working on her vocabulary.

Babitha B P, CISO at CSB Bank, is developing her communication skills to explain highly technical things in a simple way so that non-technical people can also understand.

Mauli Bodiwala, AGM – HR at The Kalupur Commercial Cooperative Bank, thinks that quick decision making is very important. One has to be informed, but nowadays, so much information is available from such a variety of sources. “If you get information but don’t take a quick decision, you are not able to get the results. And you need to have a trust in your decisions. It may be correct or incorrect, but just delaying other decisions will not give you the required results. I am trying to develop that habit that I can take quick decisions,” she shares.

L Chiranthi Cooray, Chief Transformation Officer at Hatton National Bank, would like to use her time productively to do different activities – for example needle work. “I also have a bad habit of biting the edges of my nails. I am consciously trying to stop it,” she reveals.

Nitu Samra, Chief Financial Officer at LeasePlan India, says that although she is a planned person, one thing that she wants to achieve in my personal and professional life, is discipline. Discipline of doing something regularly, particularly things which are of intangible – specifically she wants to develop peace of mind via meditation.

“This is my resolution to get regular with somethings which don’t give you immediate benefit but will give you long-term benefits. From 2021, I have implemented a habit tracker which I used to track some of my habits like exercise, yoga, meditation, drinking water, reading a book, etc. I track it on a daily basis and then at the end of the month I see how many days I have done it. I have a demanding job and 2 kids. I want to do lots of things to invest in myself which needs a lot of planning, but at the same time discipline also of leaving what is not important, and focusing on these things is important,” she reveals.

Ashima Bhat, Group Head – Business Finance, Strategy, Administration,  Infrastructure & CSR at HDFC Bank, says that given the current situation, she thinks all of us need to seriously learn how to respect each other’s time and have concern for people’s time.

For Rajashree Nambiar, Former MD & CEO at Fullerton India Credit Company, while she was at home during lockdown, there was a quest to learn new things, reskill and look at life with a new lens. That is what her future plan is.

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