Happy New Year 2019

Reported by: |Updated: January 16, 2019

Hello readers…..best wishes to all of you for a very very happy new year.

We all have shared such wishes with our loved ones, friends and colleagues, and it is an annual exercise. I find it a great opportunity to re-connect with friends and colleagues I am out of touch with. Yet this practice also leaves me feeling empty, as I am conveying only wishes without any tangible action to convert the wishes  into reality.
This year, I want to do something about it rather than just let go by with simple words and pictures. To do that, I, with the support of my team, propose to undertake activities that will actually increase your happiness at work. To do this, first I propose to do a survey to uncover what activities create happiness and what activities result in anxiousness, disappointment, frustration, boredom, confusion, etc. Me and my colleagues will soon be approaching many of you to undertake our first survey on the state of happiness in the financial sector.
Happiness is something we all seek. In fact, I believe it is the single most common thing that is present in all human beings. I am yet to come across anyone who does not seek happiness. In today’s scenario, the financial sector exerts a lot of pressures on individuals regarding performance and competition, and hence is probably not among the leading happy places to work in. In fact, among the top 10 Best Companies to Work For in 2018 by ET, there was only one financial organization. Among the top 100, there were 15 financial organizations.
For many of us, it is normal to think of work as something to be endured, not enjoyed. That view has come to us from the past, but with evolving workplaces, this notion is rapidly changing. Employees not only want to be happy at work, but expect so highly, especially the millennials.
If you too wish to convert the good wishes that you have spread into tangible outcomes, I invite you to contact me so that we can jointly drive this endeavor.

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