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Much of the talk about digital transformation focuses on exotic technologies such as blockchain, APIs, AI, machine learning, chatbots, etc. Are these technologies sufficient to complete the digital transformation? Surely not! No transformation is complete unless there is a workscape transformation as well. Let’s explore deeper.

While new technologies do their work, many of the financial services pass through human hands. Whether it is opening/ closing an account, sanctioning a loan, chasing a defaulter, cross selling or fixing a failed transaction – so many activities depend on the human touch at the front end as well as the back end. The digital transformation therefore is incomplete without workscape transformation to serve customers who are digitally savvy, as well as those who aren’t.

Workscape transformation calls for agile and versatile software and hardware. While software upgrade is an ongoing process, hardware is expected to last for years and hence must be chosen thoughtfully. It must be rugged, reliable, secure and portable.

A recent Forrester research has identified micro PCs as a tool that improves user productivity and experience among 61% of organizations, indicating that even the humble PC continues to evolve alongside the digital revolution.

Banking Frontiers invites CIOs, CTOs and Infrastructure Heads to an Unconference to brainstorm the workscape transformation that will complete the digital transformation.

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