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KYS – Know Your Software

KYC (Know Your Customer) has become a deeply established principle in the financial sector. What else can ‘Know Your…’ be extended to? There are several assets, such as employees, data, software, etc. The last one is among the newest on the block.

Software – The brains of the business are making inroads into every corner of the organization, from the boardroom to the front office to the back office to the remotest office. Software is taking more and more decisions, and human decisions to are conveyed through and executed through software. Today, the software knows more about the organization than any single individual. Yet, how much does the organization know about the software on which it runs?

Important questions that need answers include: What parts are apt to move to the cloud for faster Transformation? What parts can be scaled up? What parts need modernization? What parts are less secure? How resilient are your applications? What parts are expensive to maintain? And many more.

Knowing the health of the Software is a precursor to knowing the health of the organization. In light of this emerging dependency, Banking Frontiers is organizing a panel discussion among CIOs of leading BFSI organizations to have a better understanding of the core issues. We are pleased to invite you as a panelist in Know Your Software – The brains of the business and look forward to your participation & contribution.

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