Discovering Green Shoots An Agri financial perspective

Reported by: |Updated: July 6, 2020

Agriculture has been a strong priority business segment for the lenders and insurers. Various other industry segments like commodity trading, cold chains and much more have been dependent on the sector too. Some have looked upon the agri sector as an obligation whereas there are also others who have used innovations to lend or insure these segments and have raked in decent profitability. The pandemic has redefined the business of almost every sector to look towards digital transformation and this sector is not different either. It is necessary to explore how the lenders and insurers can use innovations and strategies to explore/discover green shoots in this business. Financial organizations need to  identify strategies which can make the business highly profitable and at the same time relook at how agribusiness can be made agile in this digital world.

With this objective, Banking Frontiers is organising a webinar on the topic Discovering Green Shoots – An Agri financial perspective. We will have leading agribusiness heads, Credit Risk Heads, Lending Heads, Crop Insurer & technology experts re-looking at the sector in light of recent transformation and looking at the unexplored opportunities that are emerging to transform this obligatory business into a profitable and growing business.

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