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Cyber Defense an Eternal Odyssey

The financial system has faced a wide variety of challenges, and survived. One threat that has continued to grow and evolve  for  over  2  decades  is  cyber  attacks….worryingly, no definitive solution is in sight. Transactional security solutions have  evolved  rapidly,  but  the  challenges  posed  by  persistent threats, ransomware, expanding partner networks, fake news, etc, demand more holistic solutions.

The  growing  inter-connectivity  between  BFSI  systems  and third  party  vendors  has  created  new  vulnerabilities.  Attacks are already coming through the systems of insurance partners, e-commerce  partners  or  any  other  service  partner.  These partnerships are giving rise to newer threats to data security and data privacy, for which the business and operations heads on both sides have to work together. New partnership technologies such as blockchain and APIs need careful evaluation.

A  fascinating  example  of  continuous  self-protection  is  the  human  species,  that  has survived for lakhs of years against deadly threats from virus, bacteria, tigers, snakes, earthquakes, floods,  fire,  famine,  etc.  The  protection mechanism  encompasses  chemistry,  biology,  sense  organs, muscles, and of course brain. It is an exemplary role model.

Banking  Frontiers  hopes  you  are  inspired  by  the  human defense system….and invites heads of IT Security, IT Operations and  Business  lines,  to  a  private  closed-door  roundtable  to deliberate  new  vulnerabilities  and new  solution  strategies  in  order to  update  strategies  to  continually safeguard  financial  organizations and the ecosystem. We eagerly look forward to your participation.

Venue : Board Room 1, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Off Western Express Highway,  Santacruz East, Mumbai 400055

Date  : Wednesday, 8th March 2017Time  : 9.00 am – 11.00 am


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