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Preaching the mantra of technology

Reported by | Updated: October 6, 2014

Sairaj Iyer: What customer facing technologies has your organization launched? Somesh Chandra: We have invested in a number of innovative IT solutions that have immensely helped us in streamlining and automating our most critical customer facing business processes. The latest addition to the Max Bupa technology suite is a rule based workflow and document management […]

The fall of the crypto currency

Reported by | Updated: August 25, 2014

Protagonists of crypto currencies had a bad experience recently. Their euphoria went for a toss when the market price of bitcoins crashed to sub- $600 level from a high of $1100 as a result of several bitcoin exchanges either going bankrupt or supsending operations because of extraneous reasons. A firm in Tokyo dealing with the […]

A left brained budget

Reported by | Updated: July 25, 2014

Arun Jaitley’s maiden budget is clearly a left brained budget. The left part of the brain is the one that works in a logical fashion by digesting a lot of information, applying known rules of knowledge, and producing decisions. In the short span of time, Jaitley’s brain had to digest a huge amount of information […]

Optimising Enterprise Data Warehousing Project Costs

Reported by | Updated: July 23, 2014

Banks embarking on Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) projects have of late been on the increase. This is an impact of India’s primary regulator the RBI, asking PSU banks to implement a Central Data Repository, which is actually another avatar of a Data Warehouse (DW). While a DW does deliver great benefits, costs have been escalating […]

Budget FY15 makes a good start

Reported by | Updated: July 14, 2014

In my view, this much anticipated first budget of the new government has done a great job in setting the tone for the next five years. Budget FY15 highlighted the new government’s rational approach to policies for taxation, government spending and growth and struck true to their election manifesto. Infrastructure, Housing & Finance sectors were […]

Differentiated Licenses

Reported by | Updated: April 21, 2014

Having generated so much hype in the past several months, the RBI’s decision to grant new banking licenses to just two entities – IDFC and Bandhan – has been an anticlimax to say the least. It left 23 aspirants in the field disheartened especially when the RBI system does not offer to tell them what […]

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