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When leaders are confused

Reported by | Updated: November 5, 2019

While the PMC Bank fraud came to light, I was reading a novel End of Saamba Dance written by Sridhar Ramachandran. I was surprised to find many commonalities between the fiction world and the real world, and that spurred me to finish the novel quickly. The novel is about a visionary industrialist who starts from […]

Bank failure is a reality, deposit insurance failure is a shame!

Reported by | Updated: October 21, 2019

DICGC provides bank customers deposit insurance of Rs 1 lakh per bank. This was the insured amount in 1978 and has not changed over the last 41 years. At 8% interest per annum, a deposit of Rs 1 lakh in 1978 would be Rs 26 lakh today. Since the insurance limit is still stuck at […]

Nudges to energize the auto sector

Reported by | Updated: September 13, 2019

The auto sector is bearing the brunt of the economic slowdown. Sales are falling month after month and job losses are rising month after month. Fresh ideas are needed to revive the sector. Here are 7 suggestions for discussion and debate. 1. The steep rise in penalties in the amended Motor Vehicles Act is creating […]

GDP figures – time to rethink

Reported by | Updated: August 19, 2019

With elections behind us and single majority rather than coalition government, everyone naturally is looking and hoping for an economic revival. Here are some samples of the unpleasant news. Car sales are falling. Car dealerships are shutting down. Jobs are being lost among car dealers and auto parts manufacturers. Property sales are stalled. Tax collections […]

Taxing the rich at higher levels

Reported by | Updated: July 19, 2019

The Union budget for 2019-20 has proposed that individuals earning more than Rs50 million a year will be required to pay a surcharge of 37.5% on their income tax. This surcharge is over and above the 30% income tax such individuals are paying at present and the effective impact of the proposal and the various […]

Your wallet is your vote

Reported by | Updated: June 18, 2019

Strange things have been happening in the field of politics. The most notable trend is that businessmen now want to enter politics. 2015 saw Donald Trump jump into the US presidential elections and win the mandate. What’s new was that Trump was not a seasoned politician, rather he was a billionaire businessman. And he won. […]

An avoidable downfall

Reported by | Updated: June 1, 2019

Jet Airways was an Indian aspirational narrative of an effort literally taking to the high skies. But the dream ended on a sour note with experts pointing out a variety of reasons contributing to the free fall – the Air Sahara buy at a whopping $500 million in 2006, several flaws in the management like […]

Relieving passenger pain when airlines go bust

Reported by | Updated: May 2, 2019

The shutdown of Jet Airways flights has resulted in several passengers not only being stranded, but their money being blocked as well. Approx Rs 3.6 billion of customer funds are locked up with the airline. This raises an important question – how can such problems be averted in the future? The question is particularly important […]

Seeking [email protected]

Reported by | Updated: March 26, 2019

Several studies reveal that more than 50% of people who work in organizations see work as something to be endured, not enjoyed. It is toiling they believe, and concepts like ‘work-life balance’ are just jargon since work is all about stress and the efforts to survive. However, surprisingly there is research evidence to support that […]

Is your PASSWORD ultra secure – that’s a new risk

Reported by | Updated: February 19, 2019

When Gerald Cotten, 30, the CEO of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, died in a hospital in Jaipur rather suddenly and almost mysteriously, he also took to his grave the password with which he operated the exchange. And with that vanished nearly $190 million in cryptocurrency, spanning Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, which his […]

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