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When WFH comes to stay

Reported by | Updated: October 5, 2020

Covid brought in several new normals, the WFH concept being the most talked about. While it helped regular office-going staff avoid innumerable inconveniences like the vagaries of commute, traffic, road rage, fuel and parking costs and the stress and frustrations, it also forced corporates to take up tech upgrades to allow the staff WFH. Studies […]

Newer roles for bank branches

Reported by | Updated: September 21, 2020

Several banking experts feel what the banking industry had planned for say 5 years from now in terms of operations may have to be implemented just right now, for the pandemic has changed the way banking is done. For the moment it is an interregnum before banks wanting to survive would be required to get […]

Diet and food habits turn upside down

Reported by | Updated: August 14, 2020

Some senior industry veterans recount how covid and lockdown have changed food habits and diet preferences, and also the relationship with the kitchen: The covid pandemic has indeed impacted our lives, more so, the aggressive, competing manager-professionals, who leave home early and return late, committing everything for career, often forgetting food and rest. Two things […]

Food becomes a family affair

Reported by | Updated: August 4, 2020

Tarannum Hasib, Chief Distribution Officer & Director – Marketing at Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, narrates her experiences with food during the lockdown: We have all heard the saying that ‘you are what you eat’. However, during the lockdown, we have discovered a new extension – ‘you are also in the process of preparing the […]

Entertainment during Lockdown

Reported by | Updated: July 18, 2020

There is no second thought that the covid induced lockdown has become a pain for everyone. People just want to be free like they were before. Is there a way out of this pain? Interestingly, the human mind is creative and knows one way to mentally escape such pain and the boredom that it brings […]

Shaken or Stirred

Reported by | Updated: June 23, 2020

With regards to the coronavirus, there are plenty of discussions happening at various levels – the level of individual, family, company, city, country and even global level. However, I see very little discussion at mankind level. Mankind has been conquering thing after thing ever since the mastery over fire, wheel, language, etc. Mankind has progressed […]

New normal is ‘next normal’

Reported by | Updated: May 2, 2020

McKinsey and Co, in superb research paper, has described the new normal that will emerge post COVID-19 as the ‘next normal’, and predicts that there is bound to be dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order, severely impacting both the society and the business. The consultancy has also prescribed a 5-stage strategy to take […]

The Biggest Risk

Reported by | Updated: April 1, 2020

While many risks stir up the market, the coronavirus has shaken it, and shaken it badly. Not just the market, but the entire world’s economy. Not just the economy, but tourism and education and conferences and parties and everything else. I would not be surprised if next we hear of elections being affected as well. […]

A Very Big Thank You

Reported by | Updated: March 9, 2020

Banking Frontiers completed its annual Finnoviti-cum-Technoviti Conference, which also included awards for the top innovators in the financial sector and the IT sector. It was a mega event, as usual. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners. Readers can see the photos of the winners receiving their trophies in the following pages. Many thanks and best […]

The process of ‘halvening’ of bitcoin

Reported by | Updated: December 20, 2019

There is something important that is going to happen in the bitcoin world next year. The cryptocurrency will see the third ‘halvening’ probably in May 2020, a process repeated approximately every 4 years. This is said to be done in an attempt to ‘create predictable scarcity’ of bitcoin. One of bitcoin’s key features is that […]

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