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A state cooperative bank pushes itself to new heights and pulls along its customers:

The Gujarat State Cooperative Bank was established in 1960. It enjoys the status of a scheduled bank. Since 2009, it runs under the leadership of Ajaybhai Patel, a renowned cooperative leader and experienced banker.


The bank currently has 25 branches in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar districts. Nearly 28 lakh farmers of 8100 PACS are affiliated with GSC Bank through 17 DCCBs and a cooperative banking union. The bank has recently gone into retail banking. As on date, GSC Bank has a network of 23 ATMs spread across the 2 districts. Ajay Patel, Chairman says: “We have opened 10 new branches in 2016-17 and expanded our ATM network by installation of 8 more ATMs in the current FY.”

GSCB has a consistent history of receiving awards from NAFSCOB for its best overall performance and corporate governance. It has been receiving such awards in the past as well as for last 4 consecutive years. It has also received the award as the institution amongst the best performing cooperative organization from the National Cooperative Union of India, New Delhi.

Specially, for Gujarat farmers who visit Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar for their routine or special work, GSC Bank has constructed a farmers’ hostel having 58 rooms with capacity of 300 persons with in-house catering facility at a concessional rate. The bank’s aim is to provide affordable accommodation in Ahmedabad city to the farmers.

In another bold step, the bank has implemented a solar plant of 150 KWp in its HO, which has resulted in approximately saving of Rs50 lakh per annum.

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