Cooperative Tech Awards 2021

Excavating Cooperative Relevant Technologies

22nd – 23rd January 2021

11 AM – 6 PM Virtual Conclave

Cooperative Banks are a focused segment in themselves within the Banking Industry. Business size not as large as enterprise commercial banks, Coop banks have a strong demand for scalable, robust, compliant, secure, and equally reliable technologies compared to their commercial counterparts. The budgets or the ticket size may be low, but decision making is absolutely fast. The presence of over 1500+ UCBs, 300+DCCBs and SCBs, and few thousands of Primary Agricultural and cooperative Credit societies make them a very relevant segment for any technology company worth its mettle serving this sector.
Since 2007, Banking Frontiers has been organising an interesting summitcum- Awards function titled the Frontiers in Coop Banking Awards for this sector and has been consistently promoting top of the end technologies which can empower this sector to achieve Robust growth.
In 2021, post pandemic the sector’s need for total digital transformation, security, Process Automation, secure and efficient payments, and efficient lending and risk management has gone notches up.
Taking this into consideration, Banking Frontiers is organizing the first Coop Banking Technology Awards alongside FCBA and NCBS Summit 2021. The Highlights and details of this concept and the procedure to apply and the benefits can be acquired on

Please provide relevant information and photographs. Please provide as much numerical and factual information as to strengthen your nomination for the award.

This award is open only to IT Companies

Please read the steps below to get started. (Kindly note as the nomination is being collected over google form. You will need to submit nominations using any google / Gmail account)

The first step is to decide which award categories you are interested in nominating your company.

Please download those and fill up the award annexes below.

*Note – Any company can only apply for a maximum of 3 categories.*

  • The Process for the identification and awarding of innovations: (Click here to download)
    The Second Step is to file your nominations online.
  • Once you have the documents filled and ready, you can proceed further to filing your nominations online via google forms at  (Click here to fill Nomination form)
  • Lastly, for backup purposes, we kindly request you to e-mail the  Award Category nomination documents and the Fact/Annexure excel sheet to [email protected]


  • Fill the Below form for getting info about payment Details:

For further details contact.
[email protected] Or call Dhara on 9004446027
Our teams would ensure screening of all the nominations and will grant the opportunity to present to at least 20 senior CIOs and CXOs of well-known banks for all the solutions which qualify for the top 20.

Hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity!