Contact Based Services

Contact Based Services

Banking Frontiers organizes roundtables on currently interesting topics in the BFSI segment. These round tables are usually Power Breakfast sessions. At each roundtable, there is a minimum of 10 to 12 (at times even 20-25) very senior members of the banking fraternity expressing their views. A roundtable is also a great way to not only generate interest in a developing technology, but also to gauge the industry’s views / acceptance of the same.

Topic of Discussion:

As per the theme of the roundtable, an insight on the IT aspect as well as IT’s undeniable influence on the Business aspect would be gained. All aspects of the technology would be discussed at length. A typical roundtable would include both IT and Business representatives.

As such you would have CEO’s, CTO’s and Functional heads of Retail, Treasury, Internet Banking and other such areas present; all of who play a vital role in deciding the technology purchase for the bank.

Venue Details:

The venue will typically be a convenient location for bankers in a 5 Star Hotel with a sitting space of 20-25 people.

Attendee Profile:

12-15 senior prominent bankers on that particular technology or business area.

Why should I Participate?

– Determine the industry’s acceptance of a particular technology

– Having one to one discussion with the senior bankers

– Gauge the Industry’s preparedness for adopting a given technology

– Pinpoint hurdles in implementation.

– Discuss possible solutions to these impediments.

Survey/Research Report

Research division of Banking Frontiers undertakes research or survey activities in the area of banking functions (treasury, risk, operations etc) and related topics targeting banks and IT service providers in this space.

Award Functions
Mini Round Tables
Brainstorming meets
Talk Shows

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